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Woodland Inspired Interiors

Reimagine the crunching of leaves under your feet, crisp Autumnal breezes, and the visual warmth of browning landscapes with the trend for woodland inspired interiors.

As we find ourselves retreating indoors, make sure not to lose touch with nature and be inspired by tranquil outdoor settings, every time you step into the room. Embrace the rustic simplicity of woodland settings with enchanting Earth tones, scenes of nature, and a mix of personal touches that set the stage for contemporary window dressings. Find out more on adopting the restorative trend for woodland inspired interiors below.

Head into the Woodlands with Warming Earth Tones

Take inspiration from swathes of forests when forming your palette.

Create a snapshot of rolling forests within your window space thanks to shades drawn straight from nature. Palettes inspired by the outdoors allow you to create spaces as vibrant or pared back as you please. Vibrant, cocooning shades of rouge and amber beautifully capture nature’s last days of Autumn. Add in hints of navy and calming blue tones for a contemporary twist, whilst complementing warmer colourways as we descend into winter.

Choose Characterful Designs that Encapsulate Sprawling Foliage

Your fabric choices should mirror the divine scenes found beyond your window space, through intricate designs and gentle hues.

Picture scenes of falling auburn leaves proudly displayed on your fabrics, as well as sprawls of foliage in contemporary palettes of rouge, amber and calming blues. Painterly designs presenting delicate trees in muted Earth tones are ideal for creating spaces that bridge the gap between Autumn and Winter. So, present upon your blind and frame the changing seasons effortlessly.

Add In Woodland Inspired Foliage

Create an extension of crisp outdoor spaces, indoors.

Decorative acorns, towering sprigs, and autumnal floral arrangements all immerse your space in the woodland trend, ensuring you remain connected with nature even when nestled indoors. To keep your space uplifting, add in more vibrant greenery presented in glassware finished in Autumnal brown shades, for welcome pops of colour.

Wrap up Warm With Cosy Soft Furnishings

Just like you would on a chilly Winter’s walk, stay warm in your own personal sanctuary with an abundance of soft furnishings in shades coordinating with your window dressings.

Chunky, waffle knit throws, faux-fur rugs, and soft touch blankets are perfect for brisk Winter days. Drape across your armchair or sofa and pair with plump scatter cushions in designs matching your window dressings, or coordinating colourways. You can never have enough layers in cosy spaces, so curate an assortment of your favourite comfort pieces and stow away those not in use in wicker baskets. Pair with furniture in natural, weathered materials such as wood, jute, and rattan to ensure nature remains consistently present throughout.

Get ready to step into your own woodland inspired interior with our range of enchanting designs. Why not order some samples, too?

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