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Blackout Solutions

With longer days, sunnier skies, and lighter evenings finally on the horizon, you need a window treatment that blocks out unwanted daylight and distractions with ease.

Blackout window treatments not only provide a complete barrier against harsh sunlight, but are also effective in controlling heat levels year-round. They can also help in blocking out sounds from outside, for relaxing, undisturbed spaces. Curated from our extensive portfolio of blinds, take a look at our recommended blackout solutions below, as well as a helping of top tips on how to maximise light control with your window dressings.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout roller blinds are ideal for completely omitting light and distractions, thanks to their single piece of material that offers full coverage of the window.

They can be rolled completely up during the day to invite natural light in, or positioned optimally to diffuse sunlight into the room. Place your roller blind within the recess of your window to better shield the room from daylight. Alternatively, pair with curtains and place outside of the recess to prevent any light escaping through the sides of the blind.

Our Portfolio Collection offers a vibrant curation of 50 trend-led designs exclusively selected from the PT range, all available in our blackout quality, as well as 50 blackout plains. Alternatively, opt for a subtle yet striking finish with our new Serenity Collection of inherently blackout roller blinds. With 66 decadent jacquards showcasing beautifully textured designs to choose from, our Serenity Roller Blinds create a subtly elegant finish within your window space.

Roman Blinds with Blackout Lining

Ideal for complementing existing décor schemes or making a feature out of your windows, Roman Blinds are offered in a wide array of designs. However, their extensive lining and configuration options make them suitable for spaces where darkness is essential.

From striking natural scenes in earthy palettes and sprawling foliage to subtle yet effective plains, our extensive library of Roman Blinds are ready to complement your space with bespoke elegance. Our extensive choice of linings, including blackout and thermal options, are ready to plunge bedrooms into darkness, or simply provide greater light control in areas such as studies or family rooms.

Curtains with Blackout Lining

Curtains are seen as more ideal for making a statement, and may not be your first choice when it comes to blackout window treatments. However, they can also be effective at omitting natural light where necessary.

Ensure your curtains provide full coverage of your window space, making sure they hang from the very top to the bottom of the wall of your window. This will also make the room appear taller, elevating your space. Adding a blackout lining ensures they let very little to no natural light enter the room, and are ideal for keeping heat out, or in, the room depending on the season. Pair our extensive range of Custom Made Curtains, spanning bold geometrics and floral designs to subtle plains, with our effective blackout lining, and enjoy an effective blend of form and function.

Roman Blinds & Curtains Combined

Combining blinds and curtains can be a fool proof way to ensure your space remains completely undisturbed by natural light.

Curtains are especially helpful in preventing any bleeding of natural light through the sides of your Roman blind, especially when the blind is within the recess of your window. If both your curtains and blinds have a blackout lining, they ensure that very little light will enter your space when drawn, as well as forming an effective barrier against more extreme temperatures. This is perfect for areas such as bedrooms where a comfortable environment is essential for a good night’s sleep.

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