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Connect with the Outdoors

Summer is finally on the horizon, leaving many of us wanting to blur the distinction between our indoor space and the outdoors.

Your window space is the perfect place to start. Whether you’re looking for a functional blind that provides effective light control or a striking curtain that frames outdoor views, there are a number of solutions that bridge the gap between inside and out. Take a look below and see how we recommend you amplify your home’s connection to nature.

Make Green your Primary Colour

Green is found throughout nature, and is therefore calming and restorative. 

Choose uplifting designs, from roller blinds showcasing towering bamboo stalks to Roman blinds with intricate, woodland-inspired greenery. If using blinds with curtains, go for green in your curtain and select a complementary colourway for your blind, or vice versa. Pair with nature-inspired colourways such as neutral shades or navy hues, creating cohesion.

Use Curtains to Flood your Space with Natural Light

Connecting with the outdoors includes embracing natural light, and curtains are ideal for this.

Draw drapery back completely to expose your window space and make the most of sunlight. For spaces where light control is required, opt for a blackout lining. Curtains can also be partially drawn to control lighting levels throughout the day. Frame outdoor spaces with sprawling scenes of flora and fauna in gentle palettes of forest green. For added versatility, why not pair with a versatile plain Roman blind in a contemporary navy, for example?

Opt for A Sheer Blind and Allow Daylight to Gently Come Through

Sheer finishes are ideal for casting a warming glow into spaces, where daylight is still wanted but a layer of privacy is required.

Semi-sheer roller blinds are also ideal for creating serene spaces. Opt for blinds in neutral palettes to anchor this sense of calm. Day and Night Blinds, with their two layers of voile and opaque alternating fabric, provide additional light control. Position the layers to your liking, either casting in a gentle glow, or pulling the blind completely upwards to brighten the room.

Present Greenery Featured in your Window Dressings Around your Space

From sprawling indoor palms to trailing vines, no space truly connected to the outdoors is complete without a curation of houseplants. 

Potted plants provide ample benefits when incorporated into our living environment, so place in multiple spaces around the house. Coordinate with motifs featured in your blind or curtain. Alternatively, opt for a plain window dressing in a gentle natural palette, to truly connect your space with the outdoors. 

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