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Spotlight On: Venetian Blinds

This month, we’re shining the spotlight on Venetian blinds, and the endless benefits associated with these timeless, versatile window treatments.

A seamless blend of form and function, Venetians can either set the tone for, or complement your décor effortlessly. They also provide a practical solution to light and heat control year-round. Whether you need a window treatment to block out light in a home office or a stylish blind to complement your kitchen décor, discover why you should consider Venetians below. 

They Blend in Effortlessly with Existing Décor Schemes

With their sleek, uniform slats, Venetian blinds are discreet enough to blend in with, or complement, your décor. This is ideal if you prefer a more pared-back look.

The versatile, predominantly neutral palettes of Venetian blinds mean they suit a range of styles, too. From Frost and Pebble through to Carbon and Charcoal, our range of Venetians will integrate into your home perfectly, whichever collection you choose.

They Add Depth and Interest with Their Textured Finishes

Complement existing textures throughout a space and create a palette of intriguing finishes thanks to the naturally elegant, textured surfaces of Venetians

Showcasing the textured inconsistencies of real wood, our Basswood blinds add an inviting, luxurious feel to any room. Pair with, and contrast against, existing wooden features in your home, as well as stone, marble, and even foliage.

They are Effective at Controlling Light and Heat Levels Year-Round

The highly functional, versatile slats of Venetian blinds allow for optimum light and heat control.

As we approach the summer months, your blind needs to help in keeping a room cool. Position the slats of your Venetians downwards to keep sunlight out and temperatures down. Not only are they helpful in summer, but Venetians also keep spaces warm during winter, by preventing heat from escaping.

Faux-Wood Qualities Mean They Can be Used in Any Room

Worried about your Venetians warping, fading or breaking? Consider a faux wood finish for areas susceptible to more extreme conditions, such as increased humidity, moisture, and sunlight.

The highly durable, composite finish of our faux wood blinds feature PVC properties, making them ideal for more confined kitchens and bathrooms. They are also suited to window spaces that receive intense sunlight, as they are less prone to fading. They can also be soaked if they require a more intense clean. On the other hand, real wood venetians need to be cleaned by wiping with a slightly damp cloth.

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