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Spotlight On: Home Offices

With Summer almost behind us, many of us are getting back into the swing of working life, yet returning to our homes rather than the office. Therefore, setting up spaces that harbour a creative, productive atmosphere is essential.

Whether your home office space doubles up as a living area or bedroom or you have a dedicated room, adding the right blind to a working environment is crucial for encouraging concentration, productivity, and motivation throughout the day. So, read on for a dose of inspiration on creating a more focused and functional area for work, play, and rest, maximising productivity in multiple settings within the home.

Embrace the Benefits of Natural Light with Day and Night Blinds

With daylight maximising energy, creativity, and productivity levels, the sheer finishes of Day and Night Blinds make them perfect for allowing optimum levels of light into your home office.

Day and Night Blinds allow you to either diffuse or completely banish daylight as you please, thanks to their two layers of alternating voile fabrics. Create a gentle filter of light or completely turn out the lights during brighter days; the choice is yours! Not only are they ideal for banishing glare from your computer screen, allowing you to work in comfort, but Day and Night Blinds simultaneously provide a layer of privacy from the outside world.

Enjoy Ultimate Control Throughout the Day with Venetian Blinds

Contemporary, stylish, and versatile, Venetian Blinds suit themselves to various schemes, perfect for multiple-purpose areas used for work, play, and rest.

With intense sunlight often creating too much glare upon computer screens, having the increased levels of light control in home offices provided by Venetian Blinds is crucial. Boost energy levels and allow natural light to seep in by tilting the slats upright, or create a glare-free working environment and banish distractions from the outside world by closing the slats completely. With a range of finishes to choose from, spanning the elegant grain of Basswood Blinds to durable, easy-to-maintain Faux Wood finishes, Venetians make themselves at home in a plethora of settings.

Add Character with a Vibrant Roller Blind

Frame entrancing outdoor views with conversational scenes of flora and fauna, or sprawling florals. Roll your blind up completely during the day to cast in daylight and hide more distracting designs, rolling it down at the end of the working day to create an enveloping space for unwinding. Alternatively, create a soothing look with a neutral plain that blends into the rest of your d├ęcor. Opt for a blackout quality and banish invasive daylight within more light-flooded spaces, whilst helping to regulate temperatures year-round.

Create an Opulent Office Space with Roman Blinds

Inject a hint of luxury to your home office with an impactful Roman Blind. With the addition of a blackout lining, Roman Blinds can be just as effective at blocking out light and distractions as alternative window solutions, but with an elegant twist.

With the option to add blackout or thermal linings, as well as bonded interlinings, Roman Blinds are also ideal for keeping your home office cosy during the cooler months, allowing you to remain productive throughout the winter seasons. With a diverse and vibrant gallery of designs on offer, from whimsical prints and tropical velvets to opulent jacquards, Roman Blinds can add character and interest to your home office whilst complementing existing schemes.

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